Colour Transfer Hot Foils

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High quality colour transfer foils, via hot/heat transfer. A4 cut sheets (i.e. Omnicrom) and rolls available in various colours.

Our range of colour-transfer foils can be used with various heat-transfer systems, including Omnicrom machines and hot-pouch laminators (specifically variable speed and variable temperature models - 6 roller systems). Can be used to transfer mono copier prints, to a "Wow" factor metallic/shiny coloured finish. Our most popular colours include Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Metallic Red, and Metallic Silver.

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DESCRIPTION Specialised A4-cut heat-transfer metallic-matt-finish coloured sheets. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE! These 'Omnicrom' coloured foils are suited for accepting up to A4 size sheets, with it h...
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