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IDEAL Office Shredders

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Office and department shredding machines in either cross-cut or strip-cut shredding particle sizes.

For small to medium volume security shredding of paper documents. German-made machines for quality, made by IDEAL. For secure disposal of personal and data-protected documents.

Shredding paper-based documents can help businesses to meet GDPR requirements, which is critical for data protection. Disposing of your data securely helps prevent access by third parties.
The GDPR is concerned with personal data handled by organisations in both electronic and physical formats, such as paper documents.

With GDPR you are liable if a data breach leads to an individual’s information being stolen, and you can therefore be seriously fined.  A key component of data security is implementing appropriate paper disposal as non-shredded documents can be easily read by anyone, and can lead to sensitive information being breached. Document shredding helps protect the reputation of your company brand and your sensitive commercial information.

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