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Xyron Pro Adhesive Applicator & Laminating Machine from A5 to A0 sizes. Including Xyron Pro supplies and refill roll sets and cartridges for Xyron Pro 850, 1255, 2500 & 4400.
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The Xyron Pro XM2500 is a professional multi-task machine, which can both cold laminate and glue-applicate up to size A1 work. The Xyron 2500 uses patented, easy-to-load, laminate and adhesive roll...
DESCRIPTION The easyguide SRA3 media carrier tray is used in conjunction with the easycoat gluing system. A unique carrier tray which secures the media in place so glued layers can be added one at...
DESCRIPTION The Easycoat gluing system has a brand new design, as illustrated, and it is ideal for creating a thicker surface for luxury book covers, high quality business cards and much more! It ...
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DESCRIPTION The Xyron Pro 1255 cold laminator and adhesive machine is specifically designed for formats up to A3 size up to 298mm wide and over 30 metres long. A simple, easy to use machine that c...