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Eco-Friendly 'Green' Document Binding With The Powis Fastback 20

Eco-Friendly 'Green' Document Binding With The Powis Fastback 20

Did you know Fastback binding is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of binding professional documents and reports. Fastback bound documents are fully recyclable.

The Powis Fastback 20 is our most popular thermal document binder system, with it producing high-quality bound books in seconds. Using specially formulated, non-toxic, thermal glue-binding strips, which are easily recognised by the machine.

Along with the smaller Fastback 9 entry-level model, both binding systems are perfect for using in any business, school, college, council, etc, without the worry of causing increasing harm to our planet. With the threat of climate change, recycling is a key part of trying to help sustain it. We at Elmstok even recycle and refurbish old Fastback binding machines, to help minimise wastage and to conserve natural resources and landfill space. This includes the older Fastback 15 and 8 systems, as well as the current models.

The Fastback thermal-activated glue binding strips are fully 'curbside recyclable', which means bound documents (when finished with) can be simply put in any recycling bin (whether it be at your workplace or home). The paper fibres that went into the binding strip as well as the bound pages can be used again in new goods. This reduces the need for virgin materials to be produced and means the item can skip the landfill (the resources that go into landfill become noxious methane emissions instead of valuable renewed items).

All of the following Powis binding strips and hard covers, used on either the Fastback 9 or Fastback 20 models (as well as the older Fastback 15 version) qualify as 'curbside recyclable':

Curbside Recyclable Strips & Covers:

  • Super Strip (for use with Fastback 20, plus the older 15, and 11 models only).
  • LX Strip (for use with Fastback 9 plus the older 8 models only).
  • CP Strip (for use with Fastback 20, plus the older 15XS models only).
  • Comp Strip (Fastback 20, 15, 11 only) & LX Comp Strip (Fastback 9 and 8 only).
  • Perfectback Strip (for use with Fastback 20 & 15 models only).
  • PMS Strip (Pantone Colour Matching) (for use with Fastback 20 model only).
  • Image Ready Strip & Image Pro Strip (for use with Fastback 20 model only).
  • Easyback Hardcovers (individual hard front and back cover boards).
  • Hardcovers (full wrap around perfect-back finish).

Powis Strips Made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper:

The Forest Stewardship Council forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. In order to effectively manage this goal, FSC has developed a set of 10 principles and 57 Criteria that apply to FSC-certified forests around the world. The following Powis binding strips qualify for this also:

  • Super Strip & LX Strip
  • CP Strip
  • Comp Strip & LX Comp Strip
  • PMS Strip
  • Image Pro Strip

Non-Toxic Adhesive:

Powis uses non-toxic glue adhesives with low VOC and almost no odour (no PCBs). Non-toxic means is that the product contains no ingredients that have been linked to toxic responses in humans; things like hormone disruption, poisoning, or cancer. Many adhesives are made with chemicals like formaldehyde, BPA and phthalates that harm health.

Contact Us For A Sample Or Demonstration:

Fastback binding is a very strong and professional way of binding important and everyday documents. Please contact us for a bound Fastback sample, or if you wish to have a demonstration on any of the machines.

Elmstok have over 43 years experience within the document presentation and print finishing markets, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We keep stock of all Fastback machines, strip supplies, and cover supplies