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Folding Machines

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View our range of professional desktop paper folding machines, including friction-fed systems and suction-air-fed for more delicate and harder to feed paper stocks (i.e. coated, static, etc.). For folding various types of paper in a variety of different fold-types, including well-known top brands Duplo, Morgana, Uchida, & Multigraf Eurofold.

Our range of professional paper folding machines are suited for all types of office environments, including schools, colleges, councils, printers, designers, marketing, etc.

The Touchline generation offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in paper finishing. Touchline stands for efficient and automated processes in creasing, perforating (across ...
The DF-999 is the latest fully automatic table-top folding machine with very user friendly operations. Equipped with 'Optical Double-Feed Detection' to ensure the integrity of the folding process. ...
The DF-1300L is the latest desktop suction-fed folding machine but with 'Long-sheet' capabilities and can take sheets up to 648mm in length! Ideal for the digital colour market, where various types...