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Finance & Leasing Options

Elmstok offers the option to finance (i.e. lease), or rent any new or refurbished machine allowing your business to grow without being limited by budget restrictions.

Read below to see what is on offer and how this can help to benefit your business today.

Benefits Of Leasing:

  1. No Upfront Costs
    Even if you are a cash-rich company upfront costs can seem daunting whilst acquiring a large investment. Elmstok’s finance options remove this burden and allows you to keep your liquid capital to invest in more assets to further grow your business.
  2. Pay As You Receive The Benefits (or pay as you reap the rewards)
    Paying over time allows you to pay as you use, allowing you to achieve a faster return on your investments than if you paid upfront. Comparing the immediately gained benefits against instalments means it is easier to cost justify your investment from the get go.
  3. Service Additions
    We can include installation, maintenance and other services into the plan to avoid any unexpected expenditure throughout your agreement.
  4. Easy Upgrades
    Elmstok’s finance plans allows you to upgrade* your equipment throughout a plan making sure that your machine never becomes obsolete.
  5. Stay Ahead of Your Competition
    Elmstok’s finance plans allow you to secure the assets you need now, allowing your business to instantly grow, rather than being left behind.
  6. Taxation Benefits
    Financing offers the option of deducting 100 percent of your lease payments as a business expense.
  7. Flexible Payment Options
    Find a plan that works for your business, whether that be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually by direct debit, standing order or invoice, over a 1-5 year period, the options are endless.

Rental Of Print Finishing & Document Presentation Machines:

Instead of purchasing machines outright, then why don't you rent or lease from us? Trust Elmstok's products and services for your short-term document and print finishing production needs.

We fully understand and appreciate how challenging it is to keep inversting in new equipment to keep your business being productive, which has become even more so during the last year (what with the Coronavirus breakout in 2020).

Therefore, as well as offering outright purchase costs on our range of machines, we can also provide short-term and long-term rental and leasing options. This includes machines such as Guillotine Cutting Systems, Laminators & Sign-Making Machines, Document  Binding Machines, Punching Systems, plus many other print finishing systems.

Rentals Are Ideal For Any Of The Following Situtaions:

  • Events - like meetings, seminars, trade shows, sporting events, etc.
  • Peak periods of increased workload like tax season, litigation, audits, and year-end reporting.
  • Short-term needs for film productions, engineering projects, and construction sales offices.
  • Temporary premises, offices and sales offices.

Please call 01945 463434 today to speak to an operator to create a plan that works for you.

*If agreed in initial contract.

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