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DESCRIPTION High quality hollow replacement punch cutters for the Rapesco 4400 heavy-duty hole punch. Easily fitted and require changing as they do wear out from continual heavy punching. Double h...
DESCRIPTION Clear the way for the Rapesco ECO 4400 heavy duty 4-hole punch, makes manual punching effortless. Environmently friendly the handle and base cover are made from a high level of recycle...
DESCRIPTION These Foldover PVC foolscap clipboards are essential in most office based environments. Features a foldover flap adding a touch of division whilst keeping your documents secure and Ext...
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DESCRIPTION These hardboard clipboards are essential in most office based environments. Both waterproof and hard wearing. High-capacity clip allows a strong grip on documents whilst a glazed surfa...
DESCRIPTION The ECO HD-140 Heavy-Duty Stapler in Soft White. The HD-140 Heavy Duty stapler is designed to make demanding stapling jobs comfortable and easy. This accurate desktop stapler will stap...
DESCRIPTION The Rapesco Marlin stapler is a highly practical full strip, top loading metal stapler. A full-strip, top-loading metal stapler featuring a ABS top cap for ease of use. Features a full...