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Multi-Device Charging Cabinets - The Perfect Solution For Your Tablets, Laptops & Phones

Multi-Device Charging Cabinets - The Perfect Solution For Your Tablets, Laptops & Phones

Need a simple solution for securely storing and charging your range of everyday electric devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones (i.e. Apple iphones, Samsung androids, etc.)?

Avoid a tangled mess of power-leads and devices, scattered all over your workspace, by investing in a professional multi-device charging station such as our current Best Seller, Kensington AC12 K64415UK Mobile Cabinet.

What is a Multi-Device Charging & Storage Cabinet?

A multi-device storage and charging cabinet is a versatile and perfect solution designed to store and charge multiple laptops, tablets, and smartphones simultaneously. These compact, and secure cabinets, provide individual tray compartments for each digital-device to be stored, complete with built-in charging ports as well as cable management systems.

Main Benefits Of Using A Charging Cabinet

1. Security - with significant numbers of theft and damage, help protect and keep your everyday devices safe and secure. All charging cabinets have locking devices and keys to help achieve this.

2. Organisation & Tidiness - keeping your office/workplace presentable and organised is a key requirement in most businesses. Our range of charging cabinets have designated slots for each individual device.

3. Efficiency - keep all your multiple devices (whether they be laptops, tablets or mobile-phones) stored in one once while charging at the same time. This helps eliminate the need for several power sockets.

4. Space-saving - help expand your workspace area by storing all your devices in one convenient and safe place.

How Do Storage & Charging Cabinets Work?

With each charging cabinet having individual compartments/trays, simply insert your tablet, phone, or laptop. Following on from that, make sure each device is connected to the built-in charging port within the cabinet. The cabinet (which will be powered from its main socket outlet) will automatically charge your devices, while keeping them organised and secure.

Investing in a multi-device laptop and tablet storage and charging cabinet is a smart choice for anyone. Providing you with a much more organised and productive working environment.

What Industries Require Charging Cabinets?

Multi-device charging cabinets are ideal for several industries, including schools, colleges, NHS departments, construction and builders merchants, hospitality, general offices, and many other types of businesses. 

Schools and colleges, for example, want storage and charging solutions that are safe, by them being simple to mount or transport (i.e. cabinets on castor-wheels, such as the Kensington AC12).

Plus, with the value of laptops and tablets, they also want secure and protective solutions.

All types of businesses benefit from laptop storage cabinets that are physically durable. Take for example, builder merchants. One of our main customers for charging cabinets, such as the Kensington AC12 Multi-Device Charging Cabinet, is a building merchant business that has over 18 branches situated across the UK. They required a solution for storing and charging their many devices, including POS tablets. The AC12 cabinet was the perfect solution, with each of the 18 depots investing in at least one cabinet.

Contact us direct with your charging cabinet requirements, or view and buy online via our link here

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